Short Friday Khutbah

Short Friday Khutbah – Delivered at Park Campus Faith Space, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Assalamualaikum Dear Reader - here you will find short Friday Khutbahs that should take between 7-10 minutes to deliver. Please feel free to download and amend these Word documents for your local khutbatul akham. To download the 'The Language Of The Friday Khutbah By Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani: Guidelines CLICK HERE' Begin with Al Khutbatur Rabiah… Continue reading Short Friday Khutbah – Delivered at Park Campus Faith Space, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Inspirational Interviews

Inspirational Interviews

Have you ever met someone and wondered how they got to where they are in their life. They seem to be doing really well, but what are the struggles and some of the hard work they had to go through, which are not so apparent? Join me in this series of interviews where we can… Continue reading Inspirational Interviews

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Review—Yan’s Hajj by Fawzia Gilani and illustrated by Sophie Burrows

A beautifully laid out and illustrated book for young children of all backgrounds…and it has a lovely message!

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Yan is a poor farmer who wants to go to hajj. But every time he saves up enough money and sets out, he meets someone in his path who needs his help.

He empties his money purse while on his journey three times, first to help repair a burned-down school, then to rescue a hurt and exploited boy, and finally, to build a mosque.  Each time, he simply goes back home and gets back to work to save more money. Eventually, he is old enough that he knows he won’t be able to save enough money again. But the good deeds he filled his life with have caught up with him, and the boy he rescued comes to take Yan to hajj. On this final journey, he sees the fruits of his labor: the school, the boy’s happy parents, and the mosque.

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Bedtime story is key to children’s literacy

My eight year old loves reading! So far she has completed the whole series of Roald Dahl, Jaqueline Wilson, and Dork Diaries books. She's just started on the Secret Seven Series written by Enid Blyton. She did start reading Harry Potter but stopped when it got too scary for her! I knew when I heard… Continue reading Bedtime story is key to children’s literacy

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Asthma, Headaches, Sniffles and Tiredness

For years I suffered from all these things and thought they were a part of my normal health. Never once did I think that they might be symptoms of a deeper more straightforward issue. If memory serves me correctly, it started with a blood test in 2005. I called the GP and told them that I… Continue reading Asthma, Headaches, Sniffles and Tiredness